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Compare your brand's health with your top competitors by tracking brand awareness, conversion, and other key metrics over time.

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Solution Overview:

With rapidly-evolving market, changes comes the need to understand how consumer preferences are changing in as near real-time as possible. Ignition's capabilities enable Fuel Cycle to support efficient, scalable tracking solutions, especially for brand health. Tracking research is conducted on a set schedule, often monthly or quarterly, to enable businesses to measure changes in performance indicators like brand awareness, brand favorability, usage, image, and more. Fuel Cycle’s Brand Tracker turns annual brand tracking into a monthly and continuous source of tracking. Our approach is based on a Essentials/Deep Dive model:  

Essentials Model: Runs monthly and tracks conversion funnel metrics (awareness, consideration, purchase history)

Deep Dive Model: Runs quarterly and tracks brand attributes like value, premium and uniqueness  

Who is it for?

For insights and marketing teams that want continuous insights on brand health, Brand Health Tracking by Fuel Cycle turns brand trackers from an annual exercise into an automated monthly system.


To learn more, contact us here or through any Fuel Cycle team member to help you get started.

Insights Captured

• Key conversion metrics of your choice, for your brand as well as key competitors – from awareness down to final conversion

• Predictive market share analysis that captures how your market share compares with your competitors

• Wave-over-wave tracking for any key metrics that are important to your brand such as NPS, purchase behavior, satisfaction, and more

What you get:

Reporting will be developed based on our automated insights platform, including:

Essentials Model: Unaided Awareness, Conversion Funnel, NPS

Deep Dive Model: Brand Perceptions, Brand Attributes, Purchase Barriers, Brand Messaging

Key Drivers Analysis: Analysis that demonstrates which attributes should be enhanced to gain market share

To ensure your survey data is trustworthy and reliable, this survey includes built-in bot detection, fraud prevention, and automated open-end quality checks - powered by Research Defender. For more information about these features, please contact your Fuel Cycle account lead.

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