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Solution Overview:

Fuel Cycle’s approach to Attitudes & Usage Tracking offers the solution to this problem. Attitudes & Usage Tracking enables brands to stay on top of changes in consumer sentiments and behaviors by providing real-time insights to make informed decisions. Our approach includes two tracking waves: Essentials and Deep Dive.

The Essentials model tracks significant changes in key attitudes and behaviors over time with up-to-monthly tracking waves. The Deep Dive model includes all Essentials metrics and additional point-in-time questions to diagnose changes in the data. This approach includes Retention & Conversion Analysis and Key Segment Discovery in the Deep Dive waves to uncover drivers of and respondent segments representing specific attitudes or behaviors.

Our general philosophy when it comes to tracking research is straightforward:

  • - Transparent - no black boxes
  • - Respondent-level - calculated per respondent and then aggregated as desired
  • - Actionable - aligned with in-market behaviors such as sales or share of market
  • - Comparable - across brands, categories, and markets
  • - Simple - efficient to collect and easy to understand

Ignition trackers go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach and are customized to each customer's needs. We believe they're especially powerful when coupled with additional Fuel Cycle capabilities: templates for testing ads across all mediums, digital ad effectiveness measurement, and communities to support insights deep dives.

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