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Evaluate an early-stage product concept and its potential to succeed with a target market.

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Solution Overview:

Concept testing allows you to assess the potential of new product ideas early on in their development stage. By capturing real-time feedback on your concept from existing and potential customers, you can quickly evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. Focus your resources on the ideas with the most potential, while saving time and money on de-prioritizing the ones that are less likely to be successful. Concept testing is an invaluable research method for understanding the perceptions, wants, and needs that may be associated with a new product or service offering.

Who is it for?

Product managers who want to find the best potential ideas for their product.


1. Provide a simple introduction for your product concept

2. Establish the product concept you want to test including a name, description, and image

3. Determine who you want to launch this study to

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Insights Captured

  • Initial reactions
  • Uniqueness
  • Appeal
  • Like/dislike
  • Believability
  • Relevance

Supercharge your insights!

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What you get:

Instant data analysis

Easy and intuitive results

Customizable charts and graphs

Export to common formats for sharing

To ensure your survey data is trustworthy and reliable, this survey includes built-in bot detection, fraud prevention, and automated open-end quality checks - powered by Research Defender. For more information about these features, please contact your Fuel Cycle account lead.

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