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Collect feedback from your employees to understand their experience working at your company.

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Solution Overview:

Employee satisfaction allows you to determine the overall satisfaction and engagement of employees at your company. Measure several employee engagement factors by asking your employees questions about overall job satisfaction, career progression, managerial relationships, and the ability to apply their skills in a meaningful way.

Measuring and monitoring general employee satisfaction is a great way to assess the health and general satisfaction of your workplace culture, as well as to collect feedback to drive employee engagement and retention.

Who is it for?

Leaders and managers who want to assess the satisfaction of employees by each department at their company.


1. Provide your company name

2. Establish the various departments within your company

3. Determine who you want to launch this study to

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Insights Captured:

  • Work content
  • Ability to apply skills
  • Workload
  • Career progression opportunities
  • Physical environment
  • Managerial relationships
  • Overall satisfaction

What you get:

Instant data analysis

Easy and intuitive results

Customizable charts and graphs

Export to common formats for sharing

To ensure your survey data is trustworthy and reliable, this survey includes built-in bot detection, fraud prevention, and automated open-end quality checks - powered by Research Defender. For more information about these features, please contact your Fuel Cycle account lead.

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