Measure Advertising-Driven Brand Lift

Understand the impact of an early-stage video advertisement or video press release on brand sentiment.

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Solution Overview:

Measure Advertising-Driven Brand Lift allows you to assess current views of your brand across key metrics, then expose a potential advertisement, press release, or promotional idea to determine the impact on brand sentiment. Run statistical testing on core brand metrics asked pre- and post-exposure to determine immediate brand lift. Add rigor to your analysis with an advanced driver analysis to inform how to improve your advertisement to optimize reception.

This solution requires that your potential ad, press release, or promotional content be in video format.

Who is it for?

Insights and brand professionals who want to understand the expected impact of advertising or public relations releases.


1. Submit a completely custom introduction to your survey.

2. Submit the video or advertisement you want to test.

3. Submit the custom action metric to measure brand lift.

4. Submit custom agree/disagree statements.

5. Determine how you would like to launch this study - to your community, to a panel, or collect responses on your own via an external distribution link.

Insights Captured

Brand Perception (pre/post)
Likelihood to Action (pre/post)
Customizable Brand Attributes (pre/post)
Customizable Video Diagnostic Metrics

What you get:

Instant data analysis

Easy and intuitive results

Customizable charts and graphs

Export to common formats for sharing

Significance comparisons of key brand metrics between pre-exposure and post-exposure of ad concept

To ensure your survey data is trustworthy and reliable, this survey includes built-in bot detection, fraud prevention, and automated open-end quality checks - powered by Research Defender. For more information about these features, please contact your Fuel Cycle account lead.

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