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Check-in on your community's health, their experience with the technology, and their brand affinity.

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Solution Overview: 

Our community check-in Solution makes it easy to understand and improve the research experience that your community provides. Gather feedback from your community members to understand what kinds of research they enjoy participating in, how to improve, and what keeps them coming back for more!

Who is it for?

Your Fuel Cycle community


1. Provide your community name

2. Provide your community sponsor 

3. Submit your sponsor product or service

4. Submit potential reasons for joining

Insights Captured:

  • Reasons for joining
  • Expectations
  • Activities participated in
  • Activity enjoyment
  • Statement agreements
  • Open end (Changes wanted)
  • Ease
  • Design
  • NPS
  • Likelihood to purchase 

What you get: 

Instant data analysis

Easy and intuitive results

Customizable charts and graphs

Export to common formats for sharing

To ensure your survey data is trustworthy and reliable, this survey includes built-in bot detection, fraud prevention, and automated open-end quality checks - powered by Research Defender. For more information about these features, please contact your Fuel Cycle account lead.

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